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Digital audit
Overview and Strategy Recommendations

A Digital Audit is the starting point for your digital growth. We will be reviewing all of the assets in your digital ecosystem to understand their Performance, Opportunities, and to provide Final Recommendations.

Our Final Recommendations can be implemented by your own internal team or by us through our customized  Total Digital Marketing Program  

This stand alone Digital Audit's notable benefit is that you will receive meaningful analysis, overview, and a digital-first focus suited for your unique business needs.

What is the differentiation between our Digital Audit and other, 'free' or automated audits?

Each business has its own objectives and models to generate profit and each project is unique.

Our commitment is to collaborate with you for one week to learn more about your business, success stories, and failed projects, understand your goals, and research, in order to discover and build a scalable digital action plan.

Even if you have a new business or a startup project, a Digital Audit -is a must- for you to understand your industry, your competitors, and where to start with your digital action plan.

These are the digital areas we review for an accurate Digital Audit and Recommendations:
 Website Overview 

Refers to an overview of your website, including structure, user experience, user interface, design and brand alignment, accessibility, search engine optimization, and other technical implementations such as, tags, secure certification, social integrations, and more..


Every detail counts for great website indexing, Google ranking, and visibility on how users can easily and quickly find it.

analytics report

In Digital, everything is measured, and the data reflects your performance.

In this overview, we look for the following answers:


• Have you considered the right KPI?

• How is your ad campaign operating?

• What is the user behavior and journey on your website?

• How long are your visitors browsing your website?

• How can we improve your user experience and the marketing funnel in your digital assets?


Many other useful insights and data will also be reflected in your quantitative reports.

But quantitative data and reports are not enough. We will "read" them and create an accurate Quality Report to discover growth opportunities.

 Pay per click report 


If you are running any ad campaigns, Adwords, LinkedIn, or Facebook Ads with a daily budget of $10 or hundreds of dollars, your investment should reflect a good return.

A successful campaign in the past does not mean the same results today. Digital and consumer behavior are always changing and your campaigns should be reflecting those trends.


We analyze the impact of your investments and how to improve your ROI with our platform specialists.

 Social media 


Social media accounts are a fundamental part of your brand voice, and each has its own purpose. A Twitter post will have a different impact than a post on LinkedIn and vice versa.


Our social media overview will reveal opportunities to grow and integrate all of your users' touchpoints to achieve your goals.


All of your channels must be aligned with your digital strategy to be successful.

 Email marketing 

Depending on your type of business, email marketing could be your preferred channel for reaching your audience, through lead generation, and business communications.


This channel must be integrated into your digital ecosystem. Our research focuses on understanding your performance, layout, templates and automation, and of course, finding opportunities to grow.


Our Recommendation Report is the first stage of a suitable digital strategy that helps you grow or start your business in digital. This report is based on our Research and Audit, fully customized for your business needs and unique goals.


This plan will be implemented in stages, with selected digital channels, and action plans, by following a strong growth marketing strategy, all within your budget!


Our Recommendations Report focuses on your digital needs, such as keywords, SEO, channel-specific tactics, audience and targets for paid ads (demographics, geography, interests, etc.), 


Also, we provide ideas for content creation, website UX-UI improvements, Email marketing suggestions, social media marketing ideas, paid account setup, and/or automation.

Either your team can execute these digital actions; or we can assist you and implement this digital plan, by taking this Digital Audit as part of your  Total Digital Marketing Program  and digital investment.

A Digital Audit is the first step in knowing where your business stands digitally, and how you can grow, now!


Start your digital growth

with this Digital Audit and Recommendations

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