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A new digital revolution is coming. The best investment that you can make during these uncertain times is by maximizing your Digital assets and by accelerating your Digital Transformation.

You can start today with a Digital Audit Overview.

Even if your business is not in Digital or you think it is complicated or expensive with this program, you will learn how to start your Digital transformation today with a minimum investment that will produce rapid results.

Understanding the new customer journey in the age of digital shopping is crucial to knowing which digital actions come first in your Digital Marketing Plan and Strategy.

Total Digital Marketing is a completely Digital program to help you grow in the Digital Ecosystem. We plan every action that is implemented in every stage of your Digital Strategy.

With Madison Project, Creativity & Digital Marketing, you can start your Digital Program now, by effectively rising from the ground and maximizing your investment today.

Digital is the best way to expand your business.


Customer Journey and Touchpoints

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Customer Journey and Touchpoints

According to Google reports, up to 70% of people research a company, product, or services online before purchasing.

Each digital action has a particular goal in this customer journey; it could be awareness or conversions. Any action is also addressed at a specific segment or audience within Direct to Consumer (D2C) or Business to Business (B2B) strategies.

You do not always need to run all of your tactics simultaneously to reach your audience or potential customers. 

Every digital action is a scalable one. You can run isolated campaigns at different times through your digital marketing funnel. By following a strong strategy and operations plan, We will run separated digital actions to help you save money and have better Return On Investment (ROI).

Every target and goal can be reached with a variety of tactics. Click to see it in the Customer Journey.

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Total Digital Marketing is a complete program to help you grow in the Digital Ecosystem.

We plan any action that is implemented in different stages and moments in your Digital Strategy and directly into your  Customer Journey.

To help you save, give you the best investment and improve your performance,  Madison Project  works as a Global Value Network, considering competitive costs and high standards, in the Americas and outside the U.S. to maximize your Return on Investment.

We are Global, Remote and Digital! Our experience comes from some of the most beloved, innovative, and disruptive brands in the market.

We can deploy a Customized and cutting-edge Branding and Marketing Plan at the best Digital Prices and Rates!

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High Performance at
Competitive Costs!
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"Always in Digital, you will have good results!
and you can do it with a small budget:
be patient, consistent, and build a clear Strategy"

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Digital is a Universe!
More questions? More answers, or just keep in touch.
We love to talk!

Good Design and High Performance 
It is affordable with a Global Value Network like Madison Project.

How much does a Digital Marketing Plan cost? Our plan includes Digital and operation services, setting up your e-commerce, even organic efforts or paid ads in Google and social media are not an expensive investment if you trace a scalable Plan.

Create a strategy, goals, schedule, and timeline to reach the right audience using the right digital channels.

We can help you! Build a convenient digital plan for your business with the Madison Total Digital Marketing Program.

All in Digital is scalable!
You can start with a minimum budget,

then expand...

Grow your Digital Commerce Now! with a minimum budget, you can
connect all your Customer Journey, stage by stage.


MADISON PROJECT is a Global value network always at competitive costs and high standards to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and big companies, too, with their Digital transformation.

Any action in Digital has its own 'timing' to improve your performance. Also, any audience and strategy, such a B2C or B2B, will reach it, starting with a smaller budget and showing great results.​

Be cautious about cheap marketing, fake services, and ones that do not understand your audience and culture!  


A lousy strategy and poor development can consume your investment, resulting in an unscalable plan, low performance, at the cost of your digital reputation.

We are Global, Remote and an all-in-one Digital Agency. 

We value your business like a partnership.


How do we work? For each project, a specific Madison Unit is built to guarantee the scope and that only the necessary resources are used without any deviation from your investment. 

We guarantee the best digital rates with these Agile Unit structures:

Creative and Digital Strategy, Storytelling and Art Direction.

Mobile and Website Development.

Digital Implementations and Performance.

Campaign Operations, Social Networking, Design and postproduction.

We combine effective Solutions and Tactics, optimized for new trends and consumer' behaviors, to help your business and products grow in the entire Digital Ecosystem.

Feel excited about Digital!
Here is another tool to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

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