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Consumer decision journey

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL SHOPPING. How consumers make purchase decisions has entirely shifted. This "Consumer Decision Journey" is my favorite, and here is why I recommend it to you:

First of all, a marketing strategy is all about consumers / users.

This journey was developed by McKinsey & Company.

For us, at Madison Project, is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy.

↪ Here are the stages:

0. Trigger 😖 The customer needs to solve a problem.

1. The consumer considers an initial set of brands 🙄 Your brand needs to have a brand and awareness campaign for this stage.

2. Active evaluation 🤔 The customers select their favorites or top of mind brands; if your message 'clicked' on it, you have a good chance of moving to the next stage.

3. Moment of purchase 😊 The customer chooses a product that solves their needs.

4. Post-purchase experience 🤗 That is the crucial moment when you can turn a happy customer into a loyal one. You must have a robust digital presence and customer service for this stage.

⚡ If you didn't attract your lead to a loyalty loop, you need to wait for the next trigger.

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