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Create your own content

Start to GROW, creating your OWN CONTENT 🚀 For this video, I challenged myself, recording and even dancing 💪 to encourage you to produce your own content. Here a few tips:

Clearly, my career is on the other side of the camera; writing, directing, and designing whole campaigns at HBO and now at my own agency Madison Project

For this video, I challenged myself, recording even dancing 😀 to encourage you to start creating your own content; here a few tips:

✏ Write your goal: Awareness, Engagement, Conversion

🔎 Research what are the pain points of your audience

💺 Find a topic in which you are comfortable and have an expert voice

📝 Write a script (it is a must)

✅ Keep it simple and valuable

⤵ Use subtitles; most of the social videos are muted for the audience

💥 Take the attention in the first seconds

📖 Tell a story

📣 Close with a call to action (if it is your goal

⏱ Length. It depends on your topic, but my suggestion is to keep it short and invite your audience for a long video on another channel if necessary.


If you don't feel comfortable creating video content, start doing this; find your favorite hashtag on LinkedIn and:





Digital is MOVING FAST! Be part NOW!

⭐️ CREATIVITY FIT MARKETING | Our core values statement.

"Creativity FIT Marketing" is a declaration of our culture, work ethic, values, principles, and fundamentals. That's the way we work!

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