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Segment by pain points

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Creativity FIT Marketing ✔️When you segment your audience by finding their pain points

What is customer pain points, and how to find it?

"A pain point is a specific problem that prospective customers of your Business are experiencing. In other words, you can think of pain points as problems, plain and simple. Like any problem, customer pain points are as diverse and varied as your prospective customers themselves."

Let's Talk Supply Chain - SEA 2, EP 69 - Supply Chain

And you can find it implementing, among other tactics:

  1. Research from the field.

  2. Survey and Interview Customers

  3. Listening and observing.

  4. Qualitative reports and Business Intelligence.

  5. Also, you can identify it from these areas:


  • Delayed response

  • Lack of product information

  • Not available on customers preferred channel


  • Difficulty in using the product

  • Redundancy and conflict in the buying process


  • Membership or Subscription plans

  • A high cost of repeat purchases


  • Connecting to the right department

  • Customer services

⭐️ CREATIVITY FIT MARKETING | Our core values statement.

Is a declaration of our culture, work ethic, values, principles, and fundamentals. That's the way we work!

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