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Time and adoption curve

🔥 How to know when? ▶️ Watch the video and 🎧 turn on the volume! Here is one of our marketing guidelines to help you grow your Business.

Number 7. Creativity FIT Marketing ✔️ When you understand timing and Adoption Curve to launch your product.

For this guideline, we are talking about Market Research, Innovation, and Strategy. That's clearly a long topic, but here are a few tips to think about it.

🚧 Before you continue reading, my most important recommendation is: BUILD A STRONG COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 🔥

💥 Adoption Curve could refer to product innovation. If your target is innovators and early adopters, you will launch your MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) try, validate, and iterate until you have a final product. High Risk-High Reward strategy.

⏰ 'Reading' the perfect timing.

• The market is ready for your product?

• The curve adoption is optimal for your launch?

• Are you a first mover or late entrant?

• The industry has room to growth or has a 'shakeout' threat?

💣 These are a few epic bad timing product launches.

@Google Glass. 2013

"2015 discontinued the product's development. Privacy concerns, reported bugs, low battery life, bans from public spaces, and an inability to live up to the hype all stymied public adoption of the technology".

@Apple. The Newton. 1993

The first PDA was one of the biggest product flops of all time.

Apple sold only 50,000 units of the product in its first four months on the market. The Newton product line was discontinued in 1998.

@Cocacola. The New Coke. 1985.

To compete against @Pepsico the company changed the drink's formula for the first time in 99 years. New Coke was met with public outrage and lasted only a few months.

⭐️ CREATIVITY FIT MARKETING | Our core values statement.

"Creativity FIT Marketing" is a declaration of our culture, work ethic, values, principles, and fundamentals. That's the way we work!

This post was originally published on LinkedIn.

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